Project MY TREES

What is the content of MY TREES project?

MY TREES is a project focused on the sustainable development of society and on the personal growth of individuals, with an emphasis on creating sufficient financial reserves for their free future lives. It also includes the so-called “secondary educational effect”, i.e. the mass spread of ecological thinking.


It is the planting of fast-growing trees in South America, their organic cultivation and the profitable sale of a quality wood derived from the trees, from which we will generate a source of passive income for project investors.

These new eucalyptus forests, at MY TREES plantations, will improve landscape and air, prevent drought, bind carbon dioxide, and reduce global warming. It also brings desirable jobs for the local people. Eucalyptus is called “Tree of Miracles,” “Forest Diamond” or “Tree of Life.”

For whom is MY TREES designed?

  • Do you not care that the Earth finest forests are dwindling and our planet is drowning in the smog?
  • Would you like to help the environment and all living creatures including yourself?
  • Do you need more money? Do you even desire a financial independence?
  • Do you want to raise your life to a higher level of existence and give it a new meaning?


Who says ecology and business do not go together? It is not true! Industry, production, and business already have methods – technology and numerous ways to combine business and ecology for mutual benefit.

  • MY TREES is a proof
  • MY TREES is eco-business for Generation Y
  • MY TREES aligns with Millennials

Like the idea of MY TREES?

  • You are in the right place!
  • Join MY TREES project to meet both!
  • Help the environment and yourself!

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